Quotes are valid for 60 days. Wire & Crimp reserves the right to change the quote if any documentation is altered after a purchase order is received or if Wire & Crimp is required to supply any parts or materials that were not included in original pricing.

Quotes are not offers and in no way assure or guarantee work will be performed or that a purchase order will be accepted by Wire & Crimp.


The following information is required for all quote requests and purchase orders received.

o Complete descriptive parts list (BOM) with reference designators, manufacturer’s part numbers and pin to pin wiring diagram.

o Any special notes or processes in writing (serialization format, testing instructions and equipment, component installation preferences, etc.).

Wire & Crimp cannot be responsible for verbal assembly instructions.


Wire & Crimp requires a written, emailed, or faxed purchase order to begin any project. If you are unable to send a formal purchase order, an email confirming quantity, pricing and turn time will suffice.


Wire & Crimp will build one item using the given documentation provided within a 7-10 day turn time depending on when a complete kit is received and the current manufacturing schedule on all first-time orders.

o After a first article is complete, the item will be sent to the customer for approval and the remainder of the order will go on hold.

o Once Wire & Crimp has received written approval, the order will be released back to the assembly floor on the original turn time quoted. Customer service will provide new estimated ship dates at that time.

o Upon approval of this first article, this will give complete authorization not only for the current build, but for all future orders as long as no modifications have been done.


The following information is requested of all customers who are supplying components or kits for any purchase orders received.

o Please make sure all parts are properly kitted and identified per the parts list (BOM) provided from quoting.

o A 5-10% overage on all parts is mandatory.

o Wire & Crimp cannot guarantee the validity or function of components supplied by the customer, especially if parts were obtained by a broker or an overseas supplier.

All client supplied parts and/or materials are checked and verified by Wire & Crimp in case of shortages or discrepancies. PLEASE NOTE: If shortages or discrepancies are found on any order that have client supplied items, the assembly turn time will not begin until the matter is resolved, the kitting department confirms the kit is complete and ready to be moved to the floor.

Wire & Crimp cannot be responsible for any delays on projects due to a long lead time for parts or components that are not received in a timely manner.


Testing must be requested at time of quoting. Wire & Crimp permits testing on any customer’s order(s) as long as the customer provides the testing fixture and/ or equipment along with written instructions.


If an order must be changed or cancelled after material has been purchased, the customer will be responsible for any fees for this work.


A shipping preference (UPS/FedEx) and account number is required from all customers at time a purchase order is placed for incoming material(s) and outgoing product. If a shipping account is not provided, all shipping charges plus a 15% markup will be added to the final invoice.


All new customers will need to pay with a credit card on your first order until credit is established. Customers are welcome to submit credit references at any time to determine future net terms. For approved accounts, terms will be set as Net 30.

Wire & Crimp accepts American Express, VISA or MasterCard as valid forms of credit card payment. PLEASE NOTE: Credit card orders are subject to a 3% merchant fee depending on the type of card used. This fee will be added to the invoice total and charged at the time of payment.


If a quote has components and/or tooling pricings that exceeds $5,000.00, Wire & Crimp will require payment for parts up front once a purchase order is received with terms set as Due Upon Receipt.

Wire & Crimp cannot be responsible for any delays due to part shortages, backorders or discontinued components.


Wire & Crimp has the right to review any issues after product has been delivered to the customer. If product must be returned to Wire & Crimp at any time due to an assembly error, the customer is responsible for contacting customer service to receive return of material authorization (RMA) information. Any work that is not considered an assembly error is subject to additional rework fees. Wire & Crimp requires pre-authorization for the return of all products. Products not authorized for return shall be sent back at the customer’s expense.

Wire & Crimp will not be liable for any loss of or damage to unauthorized return items.


Our standard policy for maintaining physical customer records (quotes, purchase orders, packing slips, certificates of conformance, etc.) is 3 years unless specified by customer request.


Wire & Crimp will not be liable for damages or shortages reported in transit, at time of delivery, or beyond once it has left the facility.


Wire & Crimp guarantees all workmanship shall be valid up to 90 days after ship date. Any work not performed by Wire & Crimp after product has been released from our facility voids said warranty.